"Broad Daylight"

A collection of photographs taken in broad daylight. This is lighting at its most profound. Not just daylight, BROAD daylight. Essays will be included describing just how broad the light is in each photo.

desert in Utah
Mt. Hamilton, CA

The second picture was my backyard during an earlier century. The daylight is from the rising sun: not so broad as the desert photo. In the desert photo, it was during the afternoon, when the breadth of the light goes unquestioned. Normally.

Next, we see the island of Molokai Hawaii in the distance. That volcano is almost the size of Rhode Island.

The window blurs the daylight so it is less broad.

Waterfall in Molokai

The next cliff is in Zion Natural Park in the North West Hemi-demisphere.

Notice the vertical cracks in that cliff.

Zion Nat Pk

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Dated February 19, 2000 and July 17, 2006