This story focuses on vestigial artifacts from a throwback who emerges from obscurity. This is a densely written manifold text which conceals messages from a goal set long ago. Turgid phraseology and languid smarminess deplete the manuscript of complacency generating dogma. English words that are excessively convoluted are respelled discriminately, lending creative erudition to an otherwise commonplace fiction. An effort is made to preclude ubiquitous elocution, however, the effort fails, dramatically at times, but always with aplomb.

Chapter 1: An Embarkment

Vistas of unlimited horizontality assaulted the eyes of the newly awakened child. Blinking away the somnial remnants, she cannot envisage what the day will not profer. But the stinging salts took their toll for a moment, before receding into insignificance, and allowing her attention to return to the blurred visage. A few blinks later, and Lois Wecker can see a hemisphere of blue and yellow, stretching away into vague infinitude.

Replete with gruntled expressions, Lois stretches her appendages for a bevy of moments. Laxing and relaxing, peatedly and repeatedly, she stretches 'gain and again. "Should I rise now, or just beam?", she thought to herself. Rolling over the soft flaxen fabric, she did not rise.

Myriad moments later she arose from her "crib", as she liked to call it. What lay ahead for the day? Lois remembered the canvas that was started on the back porch, pale, with an unpromising wash of burgundy acrylic stripes. The horizontality of the lines sponded to the lay of the land about her, with a bleak mixture of vast size and unending cipation.

Chapter 2: Gathering Icons
As she answered the door, Lois saw her father towering over her at the brightly lit

Chapter 3: Remember the Things

Chapter 4: Left from the Past

Chapter 5: Coating the Inside

Chapter 6: The Gray and the Colorful

Chapter 7: When In Rome..

Chapter 8: Clearing the Way

Chapter 9: Taking Out the Trash

Chapter 10: Night Rises

Chapter 11:


discriminately - the opposite of indiscriminately
somnial - relating to sleep
gruntled - satisfied, having given vocalized sounds of comfort; the opposite of disgruntled
laxing - a primal state of forgetfulness and lack of cares; loosly concious but undisturbed; having slackened attentiveness. The state one tries to return to by relaxing.
peatedly - adverbial form of peated; peated is the suffix-free version of repeated. The root word, peat, means to go towards, seek (Latin, petere). Therefore, peatedly is a modifier of a verb, to which it lends the quality of a desire to go toward a goal.
cipation - taking; taking place; taking part; occurring; existing; perception of an occurrence

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Dated February 10, 2001