"Free Country"

This travel guide helps people to find free land for them to walk upon. Whether it's by trespassing or by filling out a form, there are vast areas of wilderness, void of its owners, for nature-loving people to visit. You may not stay. You wouldn't want to. You would starve. But for a few days, you can have a domain without oversight. The man will not hassle you in free country.

Directions to ten campsites near road access or boat access are given. Maps and photos lead you to places other people just do not want to visit. Here is the list of locations:

Plomosa Mountains, North of Yuma, Arizona
Road access to many miles of flat free country. On Route 95 betweeen Quartzite and Parker, take Plomosa road East into freedom. They really make you feel welcome here, just pull off the paved road at one of a hundred places, and you got your own private parking area to start your hike. The Bouse Community Park is near Rt. 95, but there are more secluded areas East of there. The Plomosa Mountains rise sharply from the desert plains, giving various opportunities. You can have 12 square miles to yourself for 2 days.

Horseshoe Lake, Arizona
Boat access to the far side. Logs jam the lake in Winter as the Verde River fills the reservoir. On the far side, there is an Indian settlement with 12 buildings outlined. Beyond that are unoccupied 50 square miles. Javalina hogs are common. You can have 60 square miles to yourself for 3 days.

Sequoia National Park, California
Hikers can fill out a form without a ranger and go hiking the High Sierra for days. The forms are at the visitor center during the warm seasons. Winter visits were not explored. You can have 2 square miles to yourself for one day.

Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania
This mountain is one long ridge without hills or irregularities. When you look up at it, Blue mountain extends over the horizon, left and right. The smooth, forested slopes are mostly uninhabited but a few roads cross the long thin summit. From one of these roads you can walk the flat ridgetop for many miles without trail or obstacle. It is near Harrisburg. You can have 2 square miles to yourself for 4 days.

Pineapple Field Margins, Hawaii
The pineapple fields are on land that is almost flat, but ravines cut the fields every half mile. These ravines are dark jungles of mango, guava, hala, and mosquitos. Few people want to go there, so it is open to trespassers. To minimize the insects, go close to the ocean. With the trade winds blowing into the north shore the mosquitoes are completely blown away for a significant distance inland. In this margin, one may have a square mile to oneself at night, while during the day, workers cross the fields nearby.

Metacomet Trail, Connecticut
Blue dots on trees lead the Metacomet train through Suffield, Connecticut. It then goes onto the Appalachian trail toward Georgia. You can have 1 square miles to yourself for 12 hours.

Io Stream, Side-Canyon, Hawaii
On Maui, in the Io Valley Park, is an asphalt trail down to the stream. Cross the stream and there is a narrow gorge barely visible through the trees. Enter this narrow valley and no one will follow, it is yours for the day. A foot-tall waterfall is stepped over and for a hundred meters, the ground is almost flat. Ti plants are everywhere, like slender trumpets, uplifting the view and the mood.

Each succeeding waterfall is twice as tall as the last. Two foot, four, and eight foot waterfalls form small obstacles as you hike uphill. To the left the rock is so steep that fewer plants live there. To the right, a hikable hillside has a jungle of broadleaf trees. The sixteen foot waterfall can be climbed by footholds cut into solid basalt. Pools of cool water are deeper before each waterfall. Moss and giant ferns darken the scene. The next waterfall is too high for me to climb, and behind it one can see an 800 foot waterfall. The cliff is higher than that. Walk back down to a level area and spend a warm day in the shade. You can have .5 square miles to yourself for all day and night.

Santa Cruz Mountains, California
Redwood forests. You can have 2 square miles to yourself for 4 days.

Antelope Valley, California
A grid of dirt roads is open to visitors. You can have 1 square mile to yourself for 2 days.

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Dated February 2, 2001