Welcome to the growing webPresence. It is unlimited and free, a perfect place to go on and on about all of the possible writings which a person may amass. The next links will bring you to pages where you can read four short stories and one novel that I wrote in 2006. They use the .doc format for the wordprocessor called Microsoft Word. They are science fiction stories with the following titles:

Symmetric Sleeper
Dust Lanes
The Balloons of Venus
Time Liars
Alien Art for Sale

Those science fiction stories are briefly described in the following section :

Symmetric Sleeper: 843 words finished June 23, 2006. This is about a mattress of the future.

Dust Lanes: 12098 words finished March 25, 2006. It is about people trying to save the Earth from the impact of galactic dust lanes.

The Balloons of Venus: 6933 words finished March 13, 2006. This is about Venus exploration and the dangers involved.

Time Liars: 7953 words finished on March 22, 2006. This describes a rogue scientist building a fancy rocket that avoids time.

Alien Art for Sale: 80127 words finished June 5, 2006. This is a science fiction novel about some aliens invading Earth to make a colony using polite tactics. The book is 256 pages long. The .doc file is 510 kilobytes.

"Wishful Thinking"

A long time ago I thought I would try to write a book. After a few years, the text had only twenty pages, so now a new plan is being tried. A slew of titles will be lofted and the detritus will fall away under peer pressure. Here are some titles. Let's run them up the flagpole and see who salutes.

"Wishful Thinking"
A book of titles of books that may never be written. Scattered thoughts thrown together in an amusing conglomeration.

"Broad Daylight"
A collection of photographs taken in broad daylight. This is lighting at its most profound. Not just daylight, BROAD daylight. Essays will be included describing just how broad the light is in each photo.

A way of harmony.

"The Social Contract"
You break it, you buy it! "Where do I sign"? That is the question most asked. The answer is seldom a pleasant one.

"Wanton Sketches"
Pencil sketches of the most nebulous scree usable for walls. Without exception, every sketch is drawn by hand.

"Rule And Be Ruled"
The balance of nature. Xenophanes of Kolophon said it before and this book says it again, but with one major difference: while Xenophanes asserted that gods cannot be ruled and rule, this essay extends the theory to nations and concludes that a nation can rule and be ruled.

"Happy Campers"
What did they bring to the forest? All that they are, all that you can be.

Vestigial artifacts from a throwback who emerges from obscurity. A densely written manifold text which conceals hidden messages from a goal set long ago. Turgid phraseology and languid smarminess deplete the manuscript of complacency generating dogma. An effort is made to preclude ubiquitous elocution, however, the effort fails, dramatically at times, but always with aplomb.

"Another Mankind"
Not ape, not neaderthal, another man kind of shelters his clan after a blizzard.

"Simple But Effective"
The comical exploits of the tallest midget in Rhode Island are told in a style not at all reminiscent of Adams nor Auel. The bold but mediocre hero is often caught in her own schemes, only to be repeatedly rescued by flocks of white squeeky things .

"Four Wheel Drift"
Road rage takes root! A non-stop rumpus leaves the small town of Suffield in a tizzy! Tire marks and blue smoke criss cross this normally sleepy village in northern England.

"New Plutonium"
A serious exploration of future consequences of nuclear technology.

"Free Country"
This travel guide helps people to find free land for them to walk upon. Whether it's by trespassing or by filling out a form, there are vast areas of wilderness, void of its owners, for nature-loving people to visit. You may not stay. You wouldn't want to. You would starve. But for a few days, you can have a domain without oversight. The man will not hassle you in free country.

Directions to ten campsites near road access or boat access are given. Maps and photos lead you to places other people just do not want to visit. Here is the list of locations. Each place is graded for the difficulty of access, for the degree of landowner interference, and for size of the domain you may have to yourself. This last quality is the one which the book emphasizes.

"Stomping Grounds"
Familiar places which friends have tread into dust.

"Details at Eleven"
TV producer in New York meets reality.
History is made.
Details at eleven.

Secret files, do not look here.
Mars Globe 20x
Mars Globe 20x
Land Globe 250x
Land Globe 250x
Seafloor Globe 150x
Seafloor Globe 150x
Inverted Seafloor Globe 300x
Inverted Seafloor Globe 300x
Venus Globe 150x
Venus Globe 150x
Artistic globe with facets
Ruby Globe 300x

"Cookie Crumbles"

Chaotic Realities fill the day of an energetic clown.

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Dated December 20, 1999 and edited on August 31, 2006